Veteran tells how killing a young German soldier haunted him for life

In this day of remembrance for all of those who fought for this country—and others too—I thought it would be good to hear the heartbreaking story of Joseph Robertson, a World War II veteran who had to kill a young German soldier face to face, during the Battle of the Bulge. Listen—and think. »5/26/14 7:36pm5/26/14 7:36pm

The Perfect Description of One of the Most Important Moments of Your Life

An exhausted astronaut searching for oxygen. A soldier bleeding to death crawling to complete his mission. A sailor sinking into the deep sea trying to reach the surface. That's the perfect description of one of the most important, head spinning moments of every human being's life. Watch this outstanding short film… »1/30/13 10:00pm1/30/13 10:00pm

US Soldier Makes Awesome Action Figures Out of Recyclable Materials

Private First Class Rupert Valero is currently stationed at Khandahar, Afghanistan. In his spare time, he's become something of a toymaker, building "action figure" type toys with recycled bottle caps or whatever found materials he stumbles upon. Some of the figures he makes are truly gorgeous and out there. »2/15/11 11:00am2/15/11 11:00am

ParaNav GPS Unit For Parachutists Helps Marines Avoid Errors...Like This One

Rockwell Collins has been selected by the US Marines to deliver 3,000 of its ParaNav GPS units for parachutists. Soldiers plummeting towards Earth will soon have the advantage of GPS navigation with a HUD that will help improve landing accuracy and allow for target zones to be easily changed on the fly. »2/15/08 5:30pm2/15/08 5:30pm