Discovery of WWII photos in a foxhole was just a dumb hoax

Right around Independence Day, an amazing story went around: historians discover a soldier's camera at the site of the Battle of the Bulge. They develop the 70-year-old film and find grainy but gripping images taken by a soldier just before he was killed. It's an engrossing tale—but it's false: the photos came from a… » 7/11/14 2:22pm 7/11/14 2:22pm

Darpa Wants To Pump Wounded Soldiers Full of Foam For Safe Transport

Quickly stabilizing a wounded soldier and getting them off the battlefield is vital to their survival. But with internal injuries prepping a patient for safe transport is extremely complicated. So Darpa's Wound Stasis System program has funded the development of an injectable foam that stops internal bleeding and… » 12/10/12 4:10pm 12/10/12 4:10pm

The Army's New Individual First Aid Kit Will Save Life and Limb without…

The Army's IFAK—Individual First Aid Kit—used to be built into a SAW ammo pouch. This was a terrible solution as the pouch would continually get caught on other equipment—not what you want in a fire-fight. But no longer! The US military has just overhauled this life-saving accessory. » 2/03/12 10:20pm 2/03/12 10:20pm