Solenoid Steel Band Makes Me Want to Go to Brazil and Dance

Click to view » 9/28/08 11:33pm 9/28/08 11:33pmA music aficionado/engineering genius has created this wonderful musical piece using just electromagnetic solenoids—devices that convert electricity into linear motion—placed next to different objects around the office, and a computer control program. The result is so good that it makes me want to drink…

Mind Chair Now in Wood, Working Model

The Mind Chair, that rather weird sensory substitution chair on show at MoMA's Design And The Elastic Mind show at MoMA earlier this year, has been reincarnated. Designers Beta Tank have built a working model that will be on show in a lab at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London for people to "come and see with their skin." » 6/16/08 6:00am 6/16/08 6:00am