Katana Earbuds Show the World How I Feel When I Listen to LFO

For those moments when sane earphones just don't cut it, consider these Crazy Earphones from Solid Alliance. Especially if that 243rd playing of Feliz Navidad makes you want to put a sword through your head. » 12/25/09 2:30pm 12/25/09 2:30pm

Terrifying T-600 USB Drive Has Rhinestone Eyes of Doom

Based on the T-600 skin job from Terminator 4, this 2GB USB drive has eyes made of swanky Swarovski rhinestones. And like the USB Skull Rings (also from Solid Alliance), it'll be a limited edition run. » 8/21/09 4:04am 8/21/09 4:04am

Solid Alliance Silver Cross USB Drive is Holy Data Bank, for Goth…

Solid Alliance's newest USB thumbdrive will either appeal to geeky clergy-types, or vampire-goth-geek types, since it's an ornate metallic silver-colored drive that comes in a cross-shaped caddy. And it's specifically designed to hang on a necklace. Bizarre: both markets for this product can't be all that big, can… » 8/08/08 5:39am 8/08/08 5:39am

Christmas Cake USB Hub from Solid Alliance Heralds the Arrival of…

When Solid Alliance and Christmas meet, there can only be one winner: fans of all things USB. What collector of dumb peripheral stuff could refuse this Christmas cake, complete with 1GB memory key strawberries? And then you see what else they use to decorate the cake. » 11/20/07 3:51am 11/20/07 3:51am

RC Mini 'n' Garage Combo the Hottest USB Thing in Yonks

See this remote-controlled Mini in Racing Green from Solid Alliance? You're probably not that impressed with it, are you? (I admit, the headlights are just shonky.) Well, you should see what it comes with: a garage that acts as a charger and connects to your computer's USB port. Find out how to control the car and… » 8/21/07 9:07am 8/21/07 9:07am

Solid Alliance USB Stress Button Actually Does Something

Unlike the bullshit button or the Staples' Easy Button, this Solid Alliance USB Stress Button actually does something. When hooked up, pressing the button alternates between Explosion, Punch-out, and Worksheet mode. Explosion counts down and makes an explosion on your screen, Punch-out punches a face on screen, and… » 8/15/07 1:30pm 8/15/07 1:30pm

Solid Alliance's Mr. Tengu Does Pretty Much Nothing

Following up on our theme of Japanese gadgets that do pretty much nothing, we've got Solid Alliance's Mr. Tengu. It's a small brick with a face that plugs into your USB port and reacts to sounds and music around "him." Different sounds make him make different "facial expressions," and when he's tired he'll actually… » 8/02/07 3:10pm 8/02/07 3:10pm

Solid Alliance Confound Their Critics With Naked USB Key

Solid Alliance, so beloved by fans of japanese kitsch, has gone in another direction with its latest USB key. Totally stripped down - I mean totally - the Hadaka's only flourish is a little pink light that zings up when plugged into your computer's USB. » 7/03/07 8:48am 7/03/07 8:48am

USB Engine Hub

Aside from Thanko, the craziest Japanese manufacturers we know of would probably be Solid Alliance. You know, the people who brought you the USB Food Hub? They've got a new hub out now called the USB Engine Hub. » 6/26/07 2:40pm 6/26/07 2:40pm

Ghost Radar, a Ghost Detector with a USB Attached

Solid Alliance. Let us all bow down and worship Solid Alliance. Please. Humor me, I've had a bad week. This is their latest USB, with a ghost detector attached. If it detects a shift in the magnetic waves within a room an alarm sounds and lights on the unit flash. » 5/11/07 7:01am 5/11/07 7:01am

USB Business Card is Just so Practical

Why carry around business cards that are portable and cheap when you can carry something around that's much bulkier and more expensive? That's what you'll do if you go with SolidAlliance's brilliant idea of printing your business card on a USB thumb drive. Sure, you won't be able to carry around more than a couple,… » 5/08/07 11:45am 5/08/07 11:45am

Crazy Ass Solid Alliance Makes Aura Monitor Cellphone Strap

We love a crazy company like Solid Alliance that takes chances and does insane things much more than a company that just plays it safe and throws out yet another me too device and hopes it sells. Following up on their USB Food Hub and Food-shaped Flash Drives, SA's just released an Aura Monitor cellphone strap. » 4/23/07 8:30pm 4/23/07 8:30pm

USB Food Hub is the Best Thing We've Seen All Week

Weirdo Japanese company Solid Alliance is no stranger to weird USB gadgets, but this USB FoodHub is the best thing they've ever done. By far. » 4/17/07 12:30pm 4/17/07 12:30pm

Fruity Smelling iCool MP3 Players

Wanting desperately to stimulate 2 senses instead of just one, Solid Alliance has announced its fruit fragrance iCool MP3 players in Japan. The players come in 6 flavors (and include chocolate- and rose-smelling products, as well as fruity scents) and come with 256MB of internal memory and an SD slot, with USB 2.0… » 2/08/06 12:15pm 2/08/06 12:15pm

Ugly USB Stick Collapses Space and Time

In what must be a direct result of the space-time continuum collapsing around us, an LCD-screened USB stick device has been released that ISN'T yet another mp3 player. » 12/06/05 5:19pm 12/06/05 5:19pm