First Solid Gold iPhone Takes Tackiness to New Levels

Rejoice, dirty-rich people of the world, because now you can buy an iPhone which is not gold plated but actual solid gold, plus the obligatory diamonds in the logo. Just $34,168. [Stuart Hughes] » 4/30/09 11:40am 4/30/09 11:40am

Solid Gold 2008 Calendar for Clueless Rich Fucks

If you're going to put a 2008 calendar on your wall, might as well spend $257,000 on one made of solid gold, right? An opportunistic Tokyo jeweler hops on the soak-the-rich bandwagon for the second year in a row with this 26.3-inch-tall calendar that consists of 13.23 pounds of 24k gold. How ostentatious can you get,… » 10/19/07 10:58am 10/19/07 10:58am

Diamond-Encrusted, Solid 24k Gold Hearing Aid? Say What?

As if we weren't sick and tired enough of the whole diamond-encrusted solid gold bling craze that's going on right now, this Widex diamond-encrusted solid 24-carat gold hearing aid beats all, giving new meaning to the term "golden ears." You know, we don't even like to use the word "bling." Shit, now we've used it… » 8/23/07 10:49am 8/23/07 10:49am