Flash Memory Capable of Playing More Than a Few Movies at a Time

Last week's annual SIGGRAPH conference was, as usual, a place where dazzling visual displays were commonplace. But solid-state storage firm Fusion-io's demo of an ultra-efficient drive took was perhaps a bit overstimulating, playing 2,000 DVD-quality movies simultaneously. Eyedrops recommended. [Fusion-io via Core77]
»8/03/10 5:41pm8/03/10 5:41pm

Super Talent 128GB SSD Drops Solid State Price Like It's Hot

Sound the alarm for hard disks—it looks like solid state drive prices have plunged enough to finally jump out of early adopter territory. California-based flash memory maker Super Talent is now offering a 128GB SSD for $300 retail. That's $150 cheaper than a comparable offer from Dell »9/29/08 10:30pm9/29/08 10:30pm and about (though, granted,…

Sub-$500 128GB Drive from OCZ May be the SSD You've Been Saving For

OCZ's new Core Series SSD's are designed to be large and affordable. So the new 2.5-inch SATA II flash drives are coming in 128GB, 64GB and 32GB sizes at $479, $259 and $169 respectively. They don't match up to the 200Mbps read speeds Samsung has promised-managing 135Mbs- but that price point is pretty low. And while… »7/01/08 8:54am7/01/08 8:54am

Sony HDR-CX12 HD AVCHD Camcorder Has Face-Recognition Technology

Sony has upgraded its HDR-CX7 flash-based camcorder to include face-recognition technology and Smile Shutter, which automatically takes a still picture as soon as the subject switches to full beam. The camera records in full HD at a resolution of 920 by 1080 pixels, and has a 10-megapixel camera for still shots.… »6/19/08 4:15am6/19/08 4:15am

Toshiba Portege R500 1.73 Pound Ultra-Portable Notebook Goes Solid State

The 2.4-pound Toshiba Portege R500 may have cleared the FCC, but its younger, slimmer brother just weighed in at 1.73 pounds. How did Toshiba do it? By swapping out a standard hard drive and putting in a 64GB solid-state flash drive. The R500-S5003 has no moving parts (there's no DVD drive), and will cost $2,699. If… »7/25/07 5:30pm7/25/07 5:30pm

Addonics CompactFlash Adapters Replace Notebook Hard Drives

Now here's a great idea from Addonics: replace a laptop's 2.5" hard disk with flash memory, using a $30 adapter that lets you boot from CompactFlash cards. Suddenly you've converted that lappy into a solid-state notebook without spending an arm and a leg. That's what Addonics has done with its CompactFlash Hard Drive… »4/04/07 1:20pm4/04/07 1:20pm

Samsung Releases the Q30SSD: First Computer With Solid State, Flash-Based Hard Drive

We've been patiently waiting for laptops to come out with solid state, flash-based hard drives for ages and it looks like Samsung will be the first company to offer such an item. The first laptop to feature a flash-based hard drive, the Q30SSD sports 32GB of storage capacity and is available right now in South Korea.… »10/10/06 10:02am10/10/06 10:02am