​Meet The 29-Year-Old Woman Sailing Around The World Solo

Emily Richmond has been mistaken for Christ, had close shaves with pirates, speared her dinner and made water from a solar still to survive. We caught up with her in Borneo. » 7/30/14 5:42pm 7/30/14 5:42pm

The World's Largest Message-in-a-Bottle Brings Tidings of Soda

The world's largest message-in-a-bottle has taken to the seas, but it's not a call for rescue or some kind of timeless secret. Its message is just "drink our soda" but damned if it isn't still kind of cool. » 4/19/13 12:20pm 4/19/13 12:20pm

What the Lines of a Red Solo Cup Actually Mean

Sipping too many adult beverages out of a red solo cup is a rite of passage in becoming a full-fledged human being. We've all done it. But have you ever wondered what the lines of a red solo cup mean? They're measurements for different types of alcohol. » 6/13/12 1:00pm 6/13/12 1:00pm

A Hanger That'll Help You Get Over Your Mom Not Doing Your Laundry

The worst part of doing laundry isn't the actual laundering, but the hour it takes to cram your clean clothes back into your closet. The SOLO hanger makes that a bit easier, by folding in half to slip into (and quickly out of) your collars. [Quirky] » 5/31/11 5:40pm 5/31/11 5:40pm

Video: ioSafe Goes Crazy—Burns, Drowns, and Crushes Solo SSD To Prove…

We traveled to the desert wilds of Vegas, to watch ioSafe literally GO CRAZY in their thirst to prove that their Solo SSDs are tougher than Rambo. It survived being set fire to, drowned and crushed under 25t of weight. » 1/07/10 5:23pm 1/07/10 5:23pm

Video: ioSafe Solo Fire/Flood Hard Disk Test Puts "Will It Blend?" To…

I was taken to a Vegas house off the strip. There's a fluorescent green pool, a purple jacuzzi. No strippers in sight—it was time to set a fireproof hard disk aflame. » 1/07/09 3:10am 1/07/09 3:10am

David Pogue Piano Solo Imagines a World Without Apple or Gadgets

Here's the humorous David Pogue singing about a world without Apple in a way that only, well, David Pogue could pull off. » 1/04/09 3:00pm 1/04/09 3:00pm

Kinesis Freestyle is First Ergonomic Snap-In-Two Keyboard for Macs

Sure, ergonomic designs are sometimes more whacky rather than useful, but I reckon the Kinesis Freestyle Solo falls into the latter category. Apparently it's the first Mac keyboard that allows you to fully separate it into halves. Why'd you want to do that? To adjust the keys into a wrist-friendly, RSI-reducing… » 6/04/08 8:45am 6/04/08 8:45am

SOLo is Lounge Table and Solar Powered Charger For Your Gadgets

Of all the solar powered gadgets we've shown you recently, I'd have to say this is the most elegant. The Intelligent Forms SOLo is a lounge table (can we call it a coffee table?) and is simply designed to soak up the sun, turning it into stored power so you can charge your gear. Apparently left for a year in a… » 4/21/08 10:35am 4/21/08 10:35am

Eva Solo Gas Grill

Grilling with gas is the way to go even if you have to use a propane tank, and here's a gas version of the Eva Solo Barrel Grill that hides that funky-looking canister out of sight where no one will be the wiser. The grill is all stainless steel through and through, and has a minimalist look that might go well with… » 7/19/06 11:14am 7/19/06 11:14am

Solo Personal, Portable Sauna

"Man, it's like a sauna in here." You'll be making this hilarious joke to yourself on a daily basis while engulfed in the Solo personal sauna. This is essentially a tube-like tent that will get all hot and frothy so you can sweat away all of that negative karma you received from a hooker earlier in the day. The Solo… » 7/06/06 3:17pm 7/06/06 3:17pm

Daewoo UMPC: Solo M1

Looks like more than one manufacturer can play the big honking DMB antenna game. This UMPC by Daewoo's computer arm, Lucoms, looks pretty standard and will be available in Korea in May. » 3/28/06 1:26pm 3/28/06 1:26pm