The Eminently Washable Clean Bottle Unscrews at Both Ends

I like the idea of having a go-to water bottle. I've tried several, all of which had their strengths and weaknesses. But all of them, with time, ended up getting a little funky at the bottom. Enter, the Clean Bottle. » 11/03/10 6:00pm 11/03/10 6:00pm

Apple Will Give Free Bumpers to iPhone 4 Owners

After arguing that all smartphones have the same antenna problem the iPhone 4 has, Apple has given a solution to the "non-problem". The one we asked for: Free bumpers or cases. Here are all the details. » 7/16/10 1:30pm 7/16/10 1:30pm

Chinese City Bakes Bad Milk Into Bricks

As you've probably heard by now, China's been dealing with a massive tainted milk problem. Now that hundreds of tons of milk products have been recalled, precincts are scrambling to figure out what to do with the resulting trash. One city in Southern China has decided that one great way to get rid of all that… » 11/13/08 11:55pm 11/13/08 11:55pm

MacBook Shutdown Problem Solved: Little Dab O' Tape'll Do Ya

Is your MacBook shutting down by itself? A German dude came up with a solution to this problem, caused by a heat sensor cable that's too close to the heatsink on the CPU. That heatsink expands when the MacBook gets hot, to the point where it actually touches and melts the insulation on the heat sensor cable, shorting… » 9/05/06 1:01pm 9/05/06 1:01pm