How Close Are We to Real-Life Tractor Beams and Sonic Screwdrivers?

Last May, researchers from the University of Dundee in Scotland proved that creating a tractor beam with sound was possible. This 10-minute video, recently posted by YouTube user whentheappledrops tries to simplify the science behind this discovery and suss out a definitive answer to the question: is this really… »10/12/14 12:00pm10/12/14 12:00pm


Doctor Who Outed as Secret Ikea Shopper, as Tardis Brought to Set Flat-Packed

Fans of the revivified British TV series Doctor Who are, apparently, reeling, after the shock discovery that the Tardis, the Time Lords' equivalent to a Toyota Prius, comes in a flatpack. "I expected the Tardis to beam down from some far-off galaxy," said one shocked onlooker, "but it looked more like some flatpack… »3/04/08 8:26am3/04/08 8:26am