"World's Toughest Phone" Battered Live Online For Your Enjoyment

The folks at Sonim have done just about everything in their power to convince potential customers that their XP1 is the world's toughest phone. That includes running over it with cars and dunking it in beer baths »10/24/08 3:20pm10/24/08 3:20pm. Their latest stunt involves hitting in with a hammer 24/7 until it breaks—and you can watch the entire…

Video:"Worlds Toughest Phone" Christened With Car Wheels and Beer Baths

To celebrate the launch of the Sonim XP1 GSM, Sonim Technologies is taking the seemingly indestructible device on the road with the "World's Toughest Phone Tour." In order to prove its mettle with potential European customers, participants can feel free to beat the hell out of the phone in any way they see fit. The… »12/06/07 7:00pm12/06/07 7:00pm