Sony Outs Seven LED 3DTVs At Once

The promise of Sony's entry into the 3DTV market has been swirling since last September. Today they're not just dipping their toes in the 3D waters; they're delivering a full-on cannonball, with the launch of seven 3D and "3D-ready" TVs. » 6/09/10 2:35pm 6/09/10 2:35pm

Sony's 3DTVs Promise to Be Cheaper Than Panasonic's, But Price Ain't…

Both Samsung and Panasonic will be flogging 3DTVs in the US by the end of the month, but don't expect to see anything from Sony until June at least. Details on the LX900, HX900 and HX800 do sound tantalizing however. » 3/09/10 5:21am 3/09/10 5:21am

Sony Plans to Introduce 3D LCD Television by End of 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony is planning to introduce a 3D LCD TV by the end of 2010. Sony's been in a bit of a slump lately, and a push to 3D would certainly provide some excitement. » 9/02/09 1:15am 9/02/09 1:15am