Sony a500, a550 Love Low-Light and HDR; Full-Frame a850 Goes Cheap

The rest of Sony's DSLR refresh—the more expensive part—is here, and it's slight. Their midrange A5x0s get new, low-light-happy Exmor sensors and automatic HDR shooting. The full-frame a850 is almost exactly like the a900, but nearly $1000 cheaper. » 8/27/09 10:08am 8/27/09 10:08am

Sony's 24.6MP a850 DSLR Leaked, May Be Pricier Than Expected

Sony's a850 DSLR, which looks exactly like the a900, was found lurking in a European online shop both by itself and with a lens kit. The bad part? It might be quite a bit more than the suspected $2,000. » 8/15/09 3:00pm 8/15/09 3:00pm