Sony a6000 Review: A Solid Mirrorless Camera That's a Small Step Up

Pretty much all mirrorless cameras—Fujifilm X, Samsung NX, to name a couple—with APS-C size sensors can take a damn fine picture these days. The a6000 does its best to stand out with a pinch of style and updated tech, but it's still largely the same as the camera it's replacing, 2012's NEX-6. » 4/18/14 2:00pm 4/18/14 2:00pm

Sony's Alpha A700 DSLR Finally Materializes

After so many rumors, Sony's Alpha DSLR has finally made its appearance. It's got Sony's Super SteadyShot in-body image stabilization, compatibility with Minolta Maxxum mount lenses, HDMI output, 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor (with analog-to-digital signal conversaion and dual noise reduction), continuous shooting in JPG… » 9/06/07 12:59pm 9/06/07 12:59pm

Forthcoming Sony Alpha DSLRs Spec Lists Rumored

Since we first saw the "advanced amateur" Sony Alpha DSLR earlier this year, it's been shrouded in mystery and its spec list has been rife with guesswork and conjecture. Now we're seeing the next round of soothsaying by a flimsy Franco-rumor site, telling us that the higher-end amateur model will have a 14.4-megapixel… » 8/14/07 1:08pm 8/14/07 1:08pm

Rumors Abound of New Sony DSLR and Matching Full-Frame Lenses

Although Sony has yet to confirm anything, the camera world is full of little whispers that a new camera is about to join its Alpha range of digital SLRs, along with a range of full-frame lenses. There is all sorts of speculation about the model number (so we won't bother going into that) but there is a general… » 7/06/07 3:38pm 7/06/07 3:38pm

PMA 07 Breaking! Sony Alpha Flagship: First Pics

Here are a few more shots of that Sony Alpha flagship DSLR announced today. Even when we talked to Sony's Alpha Product Manager Mark Weir, he still wasn't talking. There was simply no more info available about the camera other than it'll be the highest-end product, it will incorporate Super SteadyShot in-camera image… » 3/08/07 1:21pm 3/08/07 1:21pm