Amazon Officially First To Drop Major DRM: Sony the Fourth and Final Big Label Onboard

Click to viewLess than a week after it came out Sony BMG was planning to sell music not loaded down with copyright protection, they're officially selling DRM-free MP3s through Amazon's MP3 store later this month, making it the first store to carry DRM-free music from all four major labels. UPDATE: Regarding the lack… »1/10/08 4:30pm

DRM Officially Dead: Last Major Label Sony BMG Plans to Finally Drop DRM

It's over. The last major label to hold out on selling DRM-free MP3s, Sony BMG, is "finalizing plans" to sell music not locked down with DRM. It'll be available sometime in the first quarter, apparently in time to get in on Amazon and Pepsi's 1 billion song giveaway, which now looks like it'll have tracks from every… »1/04/08 11:35am

Universal Plans Total Music Anti-iTunes Initiative With Free All-You-Can-Eat Music

Not only is Universal not signing multi-year contracts with Apple, it is now creating a service to confront iTunes and nurture iPod competitors like the Zune. Called Total Music, it may include Universal, Sony BMG and Warner—75% of music sold in the US—and would offer a twist on the traditional download and… »10/12/07 11:46am

Sony BMG: Making One Copy of a Song You Own for Yourself Is Stealing

If you weren't aware, the first jury trial for copyright infringement via file-sharing, Capitol Records, et al v. Jammie Thomas, is currently underway, with the RIAA and multiple labels seeking $1.2 million in damages against Thomas. The labels' first witness, Jennifer Pariser, head of litigation for Sony BMG, offered… »10/03/07 7:30pm

EU to Apple, Big Four: EMI Deal Is Nice, But Suck on This Antitrust Investigation

The European Commission is investigating Apple and its good buddy EMI, along with the rest of the Big Four (Sony BMG, Universal and Warner) for antitrust violations because iTunes charges different prices in different countries. British folk, for instance, apparently get a sweet €0.17 discount per track for not living… »4/03/07 9:00am