Sony's Fantastic-Looking Fall Camera Line-Up Leaks

SonyAlphaRumors just got a humongous leak of Sony's new line of cameras and accessories, all due out on the August 24. This haul has everything, including the monstrous 24MP A77 and a new view of the rangefinding NEX-7. » 8/02/11 12:13pm 8/02/11 12:13pm

Sony's Cameras Leak Early With Promises of a 3D Bloggie Camcorder

Someone's let the rice spill out of the futomaki, because Sony's CES cameras have leaked early. Looks like their cheap flip camcorder, the Bloggie, is getting a 3D upgrade, and the WX9 will be a 16MP 3D snapper. » 1/04/11 3:00am 1/04/11 3:00am

Sony's Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor Increases Sensitivity, Reduces…

Sony has developed a new CMOS technology that may revolutionize consumer video camcorders and cameras: a 5-megapixel, 60 frames per second back-illuminated sensor. As you can see in this test image, the sensor nearly duplicates light sensitivity while reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. The idea is apparently simple,… » 6/11/08 7:20am 6/11/08 7:20am