Will Sony's New Ebook Readers Ride the Comeback Wave? (Updated)

The little details like what Sony's new ebook readers will look like—and how they'll differ from the disastrous legacy of the Sony Reader line—aren't there. But Bloomberg's news that Sony's revamping its line is welcome nonetheless, especially given the roll the company's been on lately. » 7/14/11 9:12am 7/14/11 9:12am

Sony Resumes Selling Ereaders in Japan After a Three-Year Hiatus

When Japan does something, the rest of the world usually follows—so we could see ereaders get even more popular. Three years since Sony ceased selling Readers in Japan due to low demand, they're flogging 'em again. [Bloomberg] » 11/25/10 11:00am 11/25/10 11:00am