Sony Ericsson F305 Phone With Motion Gaming First Impressions (Verdict: Underwhelming)

The Sony Ericsson F305 gaming phone went official today, and the guys at Crave Asia fired off a few first impressions after spending some hands-on time with it. They claim that the screen on the F305 is way too small and the device itself is excessively slippery-which doesn't mesh well with the motion controls. All in… »6/17/08 6:00pm6/17/08 6:00pm

Sony Ericsson F305 Motion Gaming Phone is "Fun and Entertainment"

The Sony Ericsson F305 motion gaming phone leaked this weekend is now official, making for the start of this F-line of "fun and entertainment" phones. The phone's got a 2.0-inch screen, O and X gaming buttons, a dedicated PlayStation button (to bring up games), quad-band EDGE, 8 hours of gameplay, an optional Power… »6/17/08 11:23am6/17/08 11:23am

Sony Ericsson F305 Has Wiimote-Like Motion Gaming, May Be PSP Phone?

This leaked Sony Ericsson's F305 phone is notable for a couple reasons. One, it's their first motion gaming phone under the F-line (there've been one or two here and there for various other phones), which makes us and The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog think that it the series stands for "Fun". Two, it's got… »6/15/08 10:59am6/15/08 10:59am