Hands On: Sony's HMZ-T1 Is an Amazing OLED 3DTV. That You Wear On Your…

Sony's new 720p OLED 3DTV with 5.1 virtual surround has a 150-inch screen-equivalent and costs $800. But it weighs less than a pound. That's because it's worn on your face. It looks crazynerdo; you're going to want one. » 8/31/11 11:00am 8/31/11 11:00am

Sony's Wearable 3D Home Theater Sits on Your Face

File this one under crazy/awesome/but really more crazy. This fall, Sony will be releasing personal 3D home theater headgear for one viewer at a time. Called the HMZ-T1, it's your chance to finally quash your Geordi La Forge envy. » 8/31/11 8:28am 8/31/11 8:28am