Sony's NGP is Four Times More Powerful as the First iPad

Just in case you were still wondering (hoping?) that Sony's latest handheld would be as powerful as their full gaming console, the PS3, Sony slapped sense into everyone by saying it would "probably set fire to your pants," if true. That hasn't stopped Epic from saying it's still four times as powerful as the first iPad,… » 3/03/11 3:40am 3/03/11 3:40am

How Much Will Sony's NGP Cost? Not $599, Apparently

Let's face it—we know the NGP is going to cost more than Nintendo's 3DS, but just how much are we talking about? Sony's President Shu Yoshida told Game Informer that "it's not going to be $599." Just for interest's sakes, when the first PSP was released in 2005, it cost $249. » 1/28/11 3:20am 1/28/11 3:20am