Back Up Your PlayStation 3 Save Games Online

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 150MB of online storage space to back up their PS3 saves, meaning if you upgrade to another console (or go to a friend's house), you can still have access to your Killzone 3 progress. What's even better is that it supports "copy-prohibited" save data, the ones where you can't just… » 3/09/11 12:36pm 3/09/11 12:36pm

Sony's PlayStation Division Wants Some Android-Savvy Engineers

Well this could be interesting! Looks as though Sony's apparently in search of a developer with Android experience for its PlayStation division. Which could mean that the rumored Android 3.0 PlayStation phone closer to reality than we thought. Or maybe—if they're just staffing up now—further away. Either way, it's a… » 9/23/10 5:14pm 9/23/10 5:14pm

Breaking: PS3 Triples Folding At Home's Computing Power to Over 500…

This is freaking amazing. I was checking out some message boards last night at the Folding Forums at Stanford, a group that tracks the Folding at Home application. You know, that's the software that runs on Sony PS3 or PS2 gaming consoles, all linking up over the Internet and using their spare cycles to help the… » 3/23/07 3:11pm 3/23/07 3:11pm

PS3 European Launch: A Continent Yawns and Continues Picking Its Nose

You've already heard about the free tellies and taxis over in London, well this is how the PS3 was welcomed in France - with a gallic shrug. Just 60 per cent of its 100,000 available units have been reserved, a smattering of press attended the official launch - and a pleasure boat coated with Xbox logos parked itself… » 3/23/07 6:20am 3/23/07 6:20am

Reminder: Download the PS3's 1.6 Update and Folding @ Home App

Hey there. Just a reminder for you PS3 owners: Now that you're home from work, go download the update version 1.6 that'll let you do many things, including save the world by running Folding @ Home. You know, it's that distributed computing project we showed you live screenshots and videos of last Thursday. I started… » 3/23/07 12:55am 3/23/07 12:55am