PlayStation 3 May Launch Video Download Service at E3 2008

The LA Times and "studio executives familiar with the plan" are predicting a summer 2008 launch for the PlayStation 3's video download service. Whether this service is a rental scheme—like iTunes or Xbox Live Marketplace—or a download scheme where you get to keep your videos and transfer them to the PSP, is uncertain. » 4/21/08 9:29pm 4/21/08 9:29pm

Kutaragi Plans New PlayStation 4, 5 and 6 on His Own, Rest of the World Looks the Other Way

Former PlayStation Big Kahuna Ken Kutaragi has finally left the company. However, instead of going home to fish, play Wii or pinch bonsais, he plans to keep contact with Sony, helping them to cut costs on the PS3 after making it so expensive himself. He says he also will advise them on the next versions, while at the… » 5/01/07 8:42am 5/01/07 8:42am

PS3 Greymarket Watch: $3,000 for a White PS3

Even if you were one of the lucky few to score a PS3 over the holidays, chances are it wasn't white, which is why Michal Birecki thinks his console is better than yours. Birecki used his father's body shop to give his PS3 a glossy white coat and 14 hours later emerged with this beauty, which he immediately put on… » 12/26/06 9:35am 12/26/06 9:35am

Toshiba and Sony Get into Catfight Over Cell CPU

Sony and Toshiba may have been in cahoots when they worked on the Cell processor, but now that it's out, Toshiba is throwing its pants on and running out the door. Yoshihide Fujii, Toshiba's digital media network CEO, is claiming they'll be the first company to put the Cell processor in your living room. Nevermind… » 12/22/06 9:26pm 12/22/06 9:26pm

PS3 Launch NYC: Celebrities & Booth Babes on the Loose

So now that you've survived the riots, melees, and torrential downpours, it's time time to kick back and relive Sony's New York PS3 launch party for what it was, an all-night orgy of celebrities, video games, fanboys, and of course booth babes (they're the ones in the prison-striped outfits). You can even take a… » 11/17/06 5:56pm 11/17/06 5:56pm