PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works

So PlayStation Now works. Like really. Like what the heck are you sure there isn't a PlayStation tucked away behind this TV and hidden somehow behind this Vita works. It's incredible because it doesn't feel incredible, if that makes any sense. You can play streaming games without any game console, and that's pretty… »1/08/14 3:33pm1/08/14 3:33pm


Sony Not Planning PS3 Price Cut for Leipzig, Spokesperson Says

Those hoping for a PS3 price cut in the near future better not hold their breaths. A Sony spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the company had no plans right now to give you another deal on the machine, and anyone hoping for that kind of news at Leipzig will be sorely disappointed. Given that they slashed the price… »8/16/08 3:00pm8/16/08 3:00pm

Telegraph Says Scientists Excited by Future of Gaming Platforms

Powerful game consoles are often just as programmable as research computers, and scientists are finding real world applications for them every day. »2/17/08 5:45pm2/17/08 5:45pm

The Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii in particular can function as great scientific tools. We've previously seen how the Wii's cheap motion sensing technology has been to…

Sony Looking Toward Music and Movie Distribution on PS Network to Revive Flagging PS3 Sales

In a move that reiterates the fact that Sony is putting the PlayStation 3's media capabilities first and its gaming capabilities fourth, they're working on a plan to distribute music and video through their PlayStation Network. In order to boost sagging sales of the console, they want to compete more directly with… »10/16/07 2:02pm10/16/07 2:02pm

PS3 European Launch: A Continent Yawns and Continues Picking Its Nose

You've already heard about the free tellies and taxis over in London, well this is how the PS3 was welcomed in France - with a gallic shrug. Just 60 per cent of its 100,000 available units have been reserved, a smattering of press attended the official launch - and a pleasure boat coated with Xbox logos parked itself… »3/23/07 6:20am3/23/07 6:20am