Will Sony's New Ebook Readers Ride the Comeback Wave? (Updated)

The little details like what Sony's new ebook readers will look like—and how they'll differ from the disastrous legacy of the Sony Reader line—aren't there. But Bloomberg's news that Sony's revamping its line is welcome nonetheless, especially given the roll the company's been on lately. » 7/14/11 9:12am 7/14/11 9:12am

Wall Street Journal and New York Post Confirmed For Sony Reader Daily…

When Sony announced the Reader Daily Edition back in August, they hadn't confirmed which newspapers would be offered alongside the ebooks. It's just News Corp titles for now, with The Wall Street Journal and New York Post being confirmed. » 12/18/09 5:10am 12/18/09 5:10am

Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch and Pocket PRS-300 Dual Review: Too Many…

I have spent the last two weeks reading a book on Sony's two newest Readers, the Touch and the Pocket editions—one is overloaded with tricks but killed by glare, the other is simplified past the point of goodness. » 9/14/09 4:20pm 9/14/09 4:20pm

Budget Cool-er Reader with Color Touchscreen and 3G Planned for Early…

When we reviewed the Cool-er reader, we liked its lower price, but felt it lacked the polish of the Kindle. Well, now Interead says it's working on a color Cool-er that should not only be touch-capable, but low-priced, too. » 9/14/09 5:46am 9/14/09 5:46am

Sony Reader Daily Edition Kindle Fighter Coming Like, Now

We're at a press event for a new Sony Reader something. Sony just announced impressive pocket readers (and a new format) a few weeks ago, so we're guessing they're gonna make good on finally going wireless. Update: Oh look. » 8/25/09 9:30am 8/25/09 9:30am

Sony's Pocket and Touch Ebook Readers Priced to Move; Promises Wireless …

As you may have heard, Sony's shipping a $200 5" Reader Pocket Edition and $300 6" Reader Touch Edition at the end of August. Also coming: Mac support and—later on—wireless downloading like Amazon's Kindle. » 8/04/09 6:26pm 8/04/09 6:26pm

Color E-Paper From Philips That Could Replace Monitors, the Real Thing

Philips is no stranger to teasing us with amazing color e-paper promises and concepts. They did it in 2007, in 2008, and again this weekend with an example that could make LCD screens feel inadequate. » 5/10/09 12:00pm 5/10/09 12:00pm