Will Sony's Tablets Run Honeycomb 3.2 From Launch?

When our Matt got hands-on with the S1 and S2, they were only running Honeycomb 3.0, but judging by some leaked—and then pulled—screenshots on Sony's site, 3.2 might make an appearance. » 8/04/11 3:40am 8/04/11 3:40am

Is Sony Back?

Do you remember Sony? Not the guys who let your PSN account get hacked, or the ones who loved their proprietary formats more than their customers. The Sony you grew up with, who made the gear you couldn't live without. I hope you do. Because it looks like they might just be back. » 7/15/11 1:20pm 7/15/11 1:20pm

Hands On with Sony's Gorgeous New Android Tablets

These tablets, codenamed S1 and the S2, are why we need Sony—the Sony we love—in a world where almost every gadget of consequence is effectively a blank slate for software. » 7/13/11 12:01pm 7/13/11 12:01pm

Sony's S2 Tablet Will Only Be On Offer At AT&T

Of Sony's tablet offerings, the dual-screened 4G S2 tablet will be hitting AT&T exclusively, for an undisclosed price on an undisclosed day. Talk about keeping the cards close to their chest, eh? » 7/13/11 10:15am 7/13/11 10:15am

Sony, Rube Goldberg Machine Videos Aren't Supposed to Be This Dull

Sony, Rube Goldberg-style videos are meant to be fast, exciting! And fast. Unless...unless you're trying to manage expectations about the S1 and S2 tablets' processor speed? Oh, you teases. I may as well go watch that OkGo video again, for kicks. [AndroidCommunity] » 6/17/11 3:45am 6/17/11 3:45am

Are Two Tablet Screens Really Better Than One?

Sony announced their dual-screened S2 tablet today. It's not the only twin-screen tablet, but considering recent ill-conceived efforts from the likes of Acer, Toshiba and Kyocera, we're a little skeptical. With the S2, Sony's basically cut a 10-inch screen in half and stuck a hinge in between. How much of a benefit… » 4/26/11 11:38am 4/26/11 11:38am

Sony's Android Tablets Are Game, Music, Video and Ebook-Downloading…

Focusing on the things that matter most to Sony—style, and media—their first two tablets are running Android 3.0 (yes, Honeycomb) and come in two very different form factors. You'll recognize the familiar shape of the S1, which measures 9.4 inches, whereas the S2 is a sort-of DS-type clamshell that we saw sketches of… » 4/26/11 3:10am 4/26/11 3:10am