Sony Teases New Centrino 2 Notebook Line for Monday

Sony Style has posted a teaser on its front page promising that the company's going to drop some knowledge on Monday at 9PM. Chances are, it's about Sony's new Centrino 2-based VAIO line, which should offer better performance while consuming less power than its older models. Laptops rumored to be featured include the… » 7/12/08 3:20pm 7/12/08 3:20pm

Sony Style Store, Best Buy Website Dump 20 GB PS3

For the 20GB PS3, it looks like the end is near. Sony's official store, Sony Style, as well as the websites of Best Buy, Gamestop and EB are no longer carrying the 20GB model, instead only offering its buffer, more expensive brother. While it remains on Amazon for the time being, there's no telling how much longer it… » 4/10/07 7:51pm 4/10/07 7:51pm