Sony's New 70" SXRD Rear Projection: It's Thin, It's Floaty, It's Smooth

Even though Sony's big push is LCD, the flagship of the show was actually not a flat panel at all, but the 70" rear-projection SXRD model KDS-Z70XBR5. It's a freakin' amazing 40% slimmer than last year's, and though it weighs 200 lbs, you can imaging hanging it on, or very close to, your wall. Best of all, it costs… »6/06/07 9:05pm6/06/07 9:05pm

Sony Punches Up its Bravia Line with Slimmer Microdisplays and New LCDs

Sony lifted the curtain on its new line of Bravia TVs Wednesday night introducing 5 new slimmer SXRDs alongside 9 new LCDs. On the microdispay side, the new TVs shed some fat (they're 40% thinner than previous models) and range in size from 50 inches to 70 with features like MotionFlow 120Hz (which keeps moving… »6/06/07 9:00pm6/06/07 9:00pm