Sony E020 Walkman Lets You Match Your MP3 Player With Your Clothes

Sony's E020 Walkman, the flash-based MP3 player for kids who like to coordinate their gadgets with their outfits, will finally hit U.S. shores in mid-June. The E020 features a colored three-line LCD screen and a built-in USB jack with drag-and-drop MP3 transfer system (no SonicStage this time around, thankfully). Its… »5/24/08 11:00am5/24/08 11:00am

Sony Intros Walkman S Series, Claims They're the Best-Sounding Ever

Sony unveiled its Walkman S Series flash memory-based digital audio players, with the headliner being the NW-S700 series available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB trim. The line of DAPs play back pretty much any kind of digital audio including MP3, Sony's ATRAC formats, Linear PCM and AAC/WMA, and can also record PCM and ATRAC… »10/12/06 9:13am10/12/06 9:13am

Sony S2 Sports Walkman Player: Changes Songs to Match Your Running Tempo

Recall that Sony S2 Sports Walkman we wrote about 3 weeks ago, you know, the shiny one that's good for running? Well it turns out the S2 will use an internal "G-Sensor" to automatically switch to songs that match your running tempo and acceleration. They call it, "Music Pace." And, the player can be shaken, like a… »8/10/06 2:47pm8/10/06 2:47pm