Sony Walkman Reborn (Again) As a $1200 Hi-Res Audio Handset

Last fall, the Sony Walkman sprung from the ashes of the 90s, reborn as a hi-def audio phoenix with lots of lossless codec support and a $300 price tag. Today, the Walkman returns once again. This time it costs about as much as a used '89 Cadillac Eldorado. » 1/05/15 8:00pm 1/05/15 8:00pm

Sony Kills The Cassette Walkman On The iPod's Birthday*

After 30 years, Sony has announced that they will stop manufacturing and selling the venerable cassette Walkman. In a poetic twist, the official death of the Walkman lands on the iPod's 9th anniversary.* UPDATE: Only dead in Japan » 10/23/10 3:57pm 10/23/10 3:57pm

Sony Gadgets Of All Ages Stripped Down And Photographed

iFixIt and Wired got together to cajole people into tearing down their favorite Sony products. And while autopsies usually give me the creeps, I'll admit that seeing this hardware spread apart left me hot under the collar. » 10/28/09 9:00pm 10/28/09 9:00pm

Take the Walkman 30th Birthday Quiz

How much do you know about the most celebrated personal stereo of all time, one that is today turning the big Three Oh? A lot? OK, hell, let's see what you got: » 7/01/09 8:40pm 7/01/09 8:40pm

Notable and Crazy Sony Cassette Walkman Editions

Sony's cassette tape Walkman came to life in many shapes and forms through the years. Here are a few of the great, the important and sometimes plain weird Walkman models. » 7/01/09 5:40pm 7/01/09 5:40pm

Great Sony Walkman TV and Print Ads of the 1980s

To commemorate the Sony Walkman's 30th birthday, here are the trippy ads Sony used to promote it in the '80s. Noble monkeys, off-key kids and sweet-toothed senseis—where's that f'd up sense of humor now, Sony? » 7/01/09 9:00am 7/01/09 9:00am

When a 13-year-old From 2009 Uses a Walkman For a Week

Here's what happens when you give a 13-year-old from 2009 a Sony Walkman—the tape kind—and ask him to figure it out without any outside help: incredible confusion. » 6/29/09 11:40am 6/29/09 11:40am

Sony's X-Series OLED Walkman Pricing and Details Confirmed: $299 for…

Sony's OLED, Wi-Fi Walkman has been stickered with $299 and $399 prices for the 16GB an 32GB models, respectively. Now it's confirmed, along with details like the presence of Slacker radio service and YouTube. UPDATED » 5/13/09 4:41am 5/13/09 4:41am

Retromodo: Wireless Portable Music Player? Welcome to Sony, Circa 1988

The dominant media player of the '00s (the iPod) still hasn't integrated with wireless headphones. Maybe it should take a quick lesson from the dominant media player of the '80s: the Walkman. » 4/14/09 10:30pm 4/14/09 10:30pm

Sony X1000 OLED Walkman to Hit UK Next Month for ~$300

Sony's slick-looking X1000 Walkman line popped up for preorder on Amazon UK with a release window of 2-5 weeks. That means we should be seeing the touchscreen, OLED player before the end of March. » 2/25/09 9:27pm 2/25/09 9:27pm

Video of Sony's NWZ-X1000 OLED Walkman In Action

Folks from Stuff Magazine (it soldiers on!) were in Japan recently, and they got a chance to film this Attenborough-esque nature video of Sony's new X-series MP3 Walkman caught in the wild. » 1/13/09 11:40am 1/13/09 11:40am

Sony Walkman X-Series Is Surfable, Touchable and Shuts Up the World…

Sony's Walkman NWZ-X1000 features an OLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi and built-in noise cancellation. The X-series Walkman seems like a very impressive piece of hardware. » 1/07/09 7:30pm 1/07/09 7:30pm

Sony W-Series Walkman Has Got No Strings, And No Display

Sony has gone all Pinocchio on us with its sportsy W-series Walkman MP3 player, eschewing cords for an all-in-one music player/earbud ensemble. $70 for 2GB of storage and 12 hours of playback time. » 1/07/09 7:30pm 1/07/09 7:30pm

At Gizmodo Gallery: The Original Sony Walkman

If you needed something to listen to while you're playing with the Lego Death Star at Gizmodo Gallery, how about the original Sony Walkman? That's right, old tapey himself is going to be there, FFing and RWing it up for your enjoyment. Curious what kinda battery this thing takes? What input/outputs it has? Come down… » 11/24/08 8:28pm 11/24/08 8:28pm

Sony E020 Walkman Lets You Match Your MP3 Player With Your Clothes

Sony's E020 Walkman, the flash-based MP3 player for kids who like to coordinate their gadgets with their outfits, will finally hit U.S. shores in mid-June. The E020 features a colored three-line LCD screen and a built-in USB jack with drag-and-drop MP3 transfer system (no SonicStage this time around, thankfully). Its… » 5/24/08 11:00am 5/24/08 11:00am

Sony NWZ A720, A820 and A820K Walkman Players Have Built-in Bluetooth,…

Sony's NWZ-A720, A820 and A820K Walkman players all look alike, but the 8-series has added Bluetooth to sweeten the deal. It's quite similar to their NW-A829 and NW-A828 brothers that were announced in Japan, in fact. » 2/26/08 3:01am 2/26/08 3:01am

Sony Intros Walkman S Series, Claims They're the Best-Sounding Ever

Sony unveiled its Walkman S Series flash memory-based digital audio players, with the headliner being the NW-S700 series available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB trim. The line of DAPs play back pretty much any kind of digital audio including MP3, Sony's ATRAC formats, Linear PCM and AAC/WMA, and can also record PCM and ATRAC… » 10/12/06 9:13am 10/12/06 9:13am

Sony S2 Sports Walkman Player: Changes Songs to Match Your Running Tempo

Recall that Sony S2 Sports Walkman we wrote about 3 weeks ago, you know, the shiny one that's good for running? Well it turns out the S2 will use an internal "G-Sensor" to automatically switch to songs that match your running tempo and acceleration. They call it, "Music Pace." And, the player can be shaken, like a… » 8/10/06 2:47pm 8/10/06 2:47pm

Sony NW-S205F and NW-S203F Flash Sports Digital Music Player

Sony will release a completely redesigned sports series flash memory-based network Walkman in the September/October timeframe. It will be available in two versions, the silver-colored 1GB NW-S203F ( $150 $120) and the black-colored 2GB NW-S205F ( $120 $150). » 7/21/06 11:28am 7/21/06 11:28am

Sony DVD Walkman DVP-FX810 and D-VE7000S

The Sony Walkman DBP-FX810 and D-VE7000S look like UMPCs, but don't be fooled: they're DVD players, pure and simple. The D-VE7000S has a 7-inch screen, and plugs into a docking station with speakers. The DBP-FX810 has an 8-inch screen and a folding form factor. » 4/18/06 9:45am 4/18/06 9:45am