Gallery: Sony Line Show 2007 Executive Summary

The Sony line show began with the company boasting about the 164 Blu-ray titles now on the market, comprising 19 of the top 20 box office hits. Sony officials tried to impress with their own stat, telling us that Blu-ray is outselling HD DVD by three to one. But it wasn't all bluster and braggadocio. See a few items… » 2/27/07 9:00pm 2/27/07 9:00pm

Sony TP1 Hands-On: Cylindrical PC Looks like a Roll of Toilet Paper

Even though it was introduced at CES, we're still fascinated by Sony's unusually-designed PC in the round, the TP1. Sony designers say they created this media center PC to fit in with the decor of a living room rather than an office, although we're not sure whose living room they had in mind. We got our hands on this… » 2/27/07 7:50pm 2/27/07 7:50pm

Sony Bravia KDF-50E3000 Micro-Display TV Hands (and Eyes)-On

We got a closer look at all of Sony's rear-projection TVs today, otherwise known as micro-displays, and these units had three LCDs inside a cabinet that the company says is 22% slimmer than previous Sony Grand Wega Projection TVs. Here's a good look at the side of the slimmed-down 50 inch KDF-50E3000, a 1080p TV whose… » 2/27/07 7:35pm 2/27/07 7:35pm

Sony Shows Its First Bluetooth Personal Stereos and a Bluetoothy Boombox, Too

Sony rolled out a slew of its first Bluetooth stereos including this ZS-BT1 wireless boombox that receives Bluetooth signals via A2DP. It has a remote control, and the great-looking player actually sounds pretty damn good. You can also connect your music player via a line-in jack, and it has 10 AM and 20 FM station… » 2/27/07 12:28pm 2/27/07 12:28pm

Sony Shows VGX-XL3 Home Theater PC with CableCard

This is the Sony VGX-XL3, a horizontal form factor PC designed for the living room that Sony said will ship in April. It has a Blu-ray burner inside, and the big story is its CableCard TV tuner. We looked around back and there was only one CableCard slot, but at least it's a start. There's also HDMI and 1394… » 2/27/07 11:44am 2/27/07 11:44am

Sony Offers Receivers/Speakers for Home Theater Systems That Are Easy to Turn On

Sony's showing a bunch of home theater amplifier and speaker systems—seven to be exact—and they bring ease of use to packaged home theater systems, letting you turn on the system with the press of one button. This HT-7100DH pictured above is a $500 system that includes five satellites and an 8-inch sub. Cranking out… » 2/27/07 9:20am 2/27/07 9:20am

Sony's Sub $500 Home Theater Packages: HT-DDW990 & HT-DDW790

If $500 is too much to spend on your home theater needs (and face it, we can't all splurge as much as we'd like to) Sony's new 5.1 systems, the $300 HT-DDW990 and the $200 HT-DDW790 will better suit your budget. True audio snobs will frown on them, but these modest packages should do alright in small apartments, the… » 2/27/07 9:09am 2/27/07 9:09am