Seeing and hearing incense burn from up close feels like soothing rain

It’s a little brain jiggling to watch this macro footage of incense burning because you’re seeing fire disintegrate the burning light but hear a pitter patter that resembles rain fall. And what the most backwards thing is that the strongest sense of incense—the smell, duh—can’t be felt. The juggling of senses is fun,… »10/15/15 8:44pm10/15/15 8:44pm


Seeing Japanese handmade paper get made is completely soothing

I don’t know exactly what’s going on but you see trees get chopped down and stripped and cooked and boiled and drained and dried and flattened and then transformed into pieces of paper that were all delicately made by hand. It’s a lovely process to watch, especially since it’s so damn soothing. »8/26/15 8:40pm8/26/15 8:40pm

Watching this knife get sharpened sent satisfying tingles up my spine

It’s unfair. Something so simple and basic should not be able to leave a lasting impact on me like this. The act of sharpening a knife, though absolutely a skill, is a chore of maintenance, not something that can be this satisfying to watch. But just take in this video below, hear the knife on the whetstone, see the… »8/17/15 7:04pm8/17/15 7:04pm

Watching this video of a chef cooking massaged my senses with pleasure

Here's an entire series of ASMR videos featuring baking and cooking and prepping and opening packages and so forth. The chef makes vegan goods, which depending on your world view may shade what you think of the cooking, but there is no doubt: it is so very pleasurable to watch the food get made. It's like a soothing… »4/01/15 7:21am4/01/15 7:21am

Watching this guy making lids for pots is so satisfying I get goosebumps

Casey thinks watching people making pots is soothing. It is true. I also think it is extremely satisfying. Watch master Hsin-Chuen Lin creating two different kind of lids for the same jar and you will see what I mean. It's such a pleasure I get goosebumps. At last, I understand Demi Moore. »10/05/14 11:40pm10/05/14 11:40pm

TheraSpa Sound Therapy Eyeshades: You Might Want to Sleep on It

There isn't much to say about the TheraSpa Sound Therapy Eyeshades. Either you want a fruity-looking padded eyemask that hooks up to an MP3 player to lull you to sleep with the soothing sounds of death metal or you don't. Oh, it also comes with five pre-recorded sound programs, like Babbling Brook and Chirping Song… »5/24/07 2:20pm5/24/07 2:20pm