JVC Gets the Hang of Networking; Embraces DivX

JVC today introduced its Sophisti DD-3 system, two D's for a double dose of digital pimpin'. It's a 3.1 home theater in a box, with a DVD player, subwoofer and three speakers. The front left and right speakers do a virtual surround thing so you don't need two in the rear, says JVC. (Home theater nerds can feel free… » 4/17/07 10:15am 4/17/07 10:15am

JVC's Sophisti Speakers Upscale DVDs and Pack Wi-Fi

So now that you've taken advantage of all those Black Friday specials and scored a new flat-panel TV, it's time to pair it with some decent speakers. Stepping up to the plate is JVC's Sophisti line, a 3.1 system that cuts back on wires and looks good doing it. All three models in the Sophisti range (DD-8, DD-3, DD-1)… » 11/27/06 11:35am 11/27/06 11:35am