Jony Ive’s RED Mac Pro Sold For Almost $1 Million This Weekend

Chris Martin and Bono played a duet on a $1.6 million piano, Jenna and Barbara Bush worked the room, and a computer was sold for $977,000. Though Vanity Fair contends that Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s Sotheby’s auction on Saturday was “unlike the typical Sotheby’s auction,” it still sounds like pretty typical rich people … » 11/25/13 12:18pm 11/25/13 12:18pm

Inside Jony Ive's Extraordinary (and Very Expensive) Sotheby's Auction

Jony Ive creates objects that end up in the hands of hundreds of millions of people. But for his latest trick—a RED charity auction at Sotheby's tomorrow afternoon—he and designer Marc Newson are offering up something else: The one-of-a-kind. » 11/22/13 2:00pm 11/22/13 2:00pm