Samsung's Soulb is Soul-Like in Spirit, But with B-Grade

Not so many weeks ago Blam was complimenting the Samsung Soul cellphone for its clever OLED touchpad, and already Samsung is capitalizing on the Soul name with a new phone. But the Soulb isn't a patch on the original "Spirit of Ultra" phone. Instead it's kind of a B-grade pale echo: that neat haptic touchpad is gone… » 6/17/08 9:15am 6/17/08 9:15am

Samsung Entertained Us Enough to Post Their Commercial

You got us, Samsung. We're suckers for optical illusions, and your "10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes" is—even with the Soul advertisement—extremely entertaining. So we're not going to feel used as we post a commercial without any clever commentary picking it apart. Though, to be honest, our brains are still hurting… » 5/17/08 2:30pm 5/17/08 2:30pm