Everything You Need for 5.1 Surround Sound is Just $150 Right Now

The 38” model of one of your favorite sound bars is only $150 right now, if you don’t mind a refurb. The VIZIO 3851w normally sells for $220 refurbished, or $280 new, and has great reviews no matter where you look. I bought one myself. [VIZIO 3851w-D4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Satellite Speakers, $150] » 5/06/15 6:50pm 5/06/15 6:50pm

Yamaha YSP-3050 Soundbar: Same as the YSP-3000 Plus HDMI Upscaling

The YSP line is my favorite soundbar because of the sonar-inspired tech it borrows from cold war subs. The YSP-3050 is a new 23-driver model, second best compared to the 42 driver YSP-4000. The upgrade from the 3000 now has a front mounted minijack in, and HDMI upscaling. Like the higher end models, these will provide… » 6/30/08 3:58pm 6/30/08 3:58pm

Mitsubishi 149 iSP Series LCDs Loaded With 16 Speakers Up Front

Mitsubishi's 149 iSP series LCDs have a 16-speaker sound bar built-in for people who are too lazy (like me) or don't know how (like my parents) to set up a home theater. The integrated Sound Projector, as it's called, sends sound flying around the walls to act like surround sound-in my experience, it was way better… » 6/30/08 12:01am 6/30/08 12:01am

Lightning Review: Denon DHT-FS3 Soundbar and Sub

The Gadget: A soundbar by one of my favorite A/V companies that includes a sub. It is one of the rare soundbars NOT to block your TV if mounted on the same table. Processes DTS and Dolby surround through optical and coax and stereo inputs (But no HDMI). The sub draws power off the main unit at 40 watts, and the six… » 5/08/08 8:33pm 5/08/08 8:33pm

Samsung Soundbar X810 Self-Contained Speaker System Also Contains DVD…

The Pitch: Samsung's 5.8GHz wireless Soundbar HT-X810, an all-in-one single wall-mountable speaker unit that contains a DVD player and looks like something Batman would use in his Batcave Bat-hroom. It also has a subwoofer, DVD player and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio.
The Catch: The DVD player upscales… » 1/06/08 5:00pm 1/06/08 5:00pm