Everything You Need for 5.1 Surround Sound is Just $150 Right Now

The 38” model of one of your favorite sound bars is only $150 right now, if you don’t mind a refurb. The VIZIO 3851w normally sells for $220 refurbished, or $280 new, and has great reviews no matter where you look. I bought one myself. [VIZIO 3851w-D4 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Satellite Speakers, $150] »5/06/15 6:50pm5/06/15 6:50pm


Yamaha YSP-3050 Soundbar: Same as the YSP-3000 Plus HDMI Upscaling

The YSP line is my favorite soundbar because of the sonar-inspired tech it borrows from cold war subs. The YSP-3050 is a new 23-driver model, second best compared to the 42 driver YSP-4000. The upgrade from the 3000 now has a front mounted minijack in, and HDMI upscaling. Like the higher end models, these will provide… »6/30/08 3:58pm6/30/08 3:58pm

Mitsubishi 149 iSP Series LCDs Loaded With 16 Speakers Up Front

Mitsubishi's 149 iSP series LCDs have a 16-speaker sound bar built-in for people who are too lazy (like me) or don't know how (like my parents) to set up a home theater. The integrated Sound Projector, as it's called, sends sound flying around the walls to act like surround sound-in my experience, it was way better… »6/30/08 12:01am6/30/08 12:01am

Samsung Soundbar X810 Self-Contained Speaker System Also Contains DVD Player

The Pitch: Samsung's 5.8GHz wireless Soundbar HT-X810, an all-in-one single wall-mountable speaker unit that contains a DVD player and looks like something Batman would use in his Batcave Bat-hroom. It also has a subwoofer, DVD player and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio.
The Catch: The DVD player upscales… »1/06/08 5:00pm1/06/08 5:00pm