Scientists Nearing Creation of Sound Cloak, Breaking Laws of Physics

While some work toward an invisibility cloak, University of Illinois professor Nicholas Fang is taking steps to create a similar material, only for sound, that could, for example, make ships invisible to SONAR. To successfully do this, of course, requires we break the laws of physics. But, you know, whatever. »5/30/09 11:15am5/30/09 11:15am

Sonic Crystals to Make Homes, Cars Completely Soundproof

A new technology presented in the New Journal of Physics may lead to completely soundproof homes, cars, or any other space using a meta-material called sonic crystals. One of the developers, who is not Reed Richards but Dr José Sánchez-Dehesa of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, says that this "acoustic… »6/13/08 7:25am6/13/08 7:25am