If You Stole a Car Stereo, Please Don't Ask the People You Stole It from to Install It For You

Anthony Trang is probably one of the unluckiest thieves you'll find. He stole about $2,300 worth of car audio equipment from a girls car and a few hours later, brought it to a car audio equipment store to get it installed to his car. The problem? The guy he brought it to, Eric Ford, was the boyfriend of the girl Trang… »4/28/11 10:00pm

Pioneer MT-01 Power Line Sound System: Music Everywhere, Motion Controlled

Did you know your home is like the Internets, with its own series of tubes? The Pioneer MT-01 Power Line Sound System lets you pump music through those tubes, using up to six of the speakers plugged into electric outlets all over the house. The speakers lie in wait until you walk in, when their energy-saving motion… »9/22/06 10:02am