Sound Wave-Driven Liquid Lenses Good For Lightweight Future Phones, UAVs

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have come up with this freaky adaptive liquid-lens that can capture 250 in-focus images per second. It's essentially droplets of water in a pair, trapped in chamber and driven by a high-frequency sound wave to oscillate.As the drops wiggle back and forth, surface tension… »9/23/08 6:12am9/23/08 6:12am

Sound Visualization Trick Works Like an Audio Spirograph

There's not a whole lot of explanation attached to this video clip, but this is either white sand, powder or flour (or maybe it's a zillion dollars' worth of coke) showing the shape of sound. The sound waves make the tiny particles organize themselves into symmetrical patterns. We found ourselves mesmerized by the… »10/25/07 12:04pm10/25/07 12:04pm