Creative Presents Cease-and-Desist Note to Developer Hero

After Vista's release, Creative's Audigy Sound Blaster series lost a lot of their in-built functionality. Developer, good-guy and all around hero, Daniel_K stepped up to the challenge, putting together his own drivers and asking for non-obligatory donations in recognition of his effort. Daniel_K's drivers restored… » 3/29/08 12:00pm 3/29/08 12:00pm

Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook from Creative

Phew. Snappy name, eh? So snappy there's no room on the headline for a bad pun. Lucky you, I say. Anyway, this is a new ExpressCard/54-compatible sound card that uses Creative's X-Fi Crystallizer and 3CMSS-3D technology to give your laptop surround sound. There's a 7.1-channel speaker docking module and all this… » 5/09/07 8:15am 5/09/07 8:15am

Creative's X-Fi Sound Card Gets Zapped into ExpressCard Format

Sound Blaster fans will soon be able to get Creative's flagship sound card in ExpressCard format. The new X-Fi Xtreme Audio will boost your notebook's crap sound system to something a little more suitable for watching your DVDs or playing games. A nice add-on, especially if you have a Media Center lappie. No word on… » 3/23/07 6:43pm 3/23/07 6:43pm