Lets Hope the Dash7 Bluetooth Speaker Doesn't Sound As Flat As It Looks

Designing a Bluetooth speaker that's small enough for consumers to actually want to carry everywhere, but doesn't sound like crap, is a delicate balancing act. Jawbone's Jambox walked the line perfectly, but it looks like Soundmatters new Dash7 leans towards a thinner form factor, hopefully not at the cost of sound… »1/03/13 9:07am1/03/13 9:07am


Soundmatters Starves its Latest Virtual Surround Sound Speaker

Just like HP said no to its plus-size DLPs this morning, Soundmatters too is cracking down on its overly plump speakers. Their latest model, the ultra-thin SLIMstage, is just 3.4 inches thin (skinnier than some flat panels) yet it's still capable of belting out "convincing" stereo and 5.1 signals. The 210-watt… »1/03/07 3:25pm1/03/07 3:25pm