Watch the visualization of a tech sound your kids will never know

You know what's missing from technology these days? Sound. We have noises but no sound. We open our laptops and we're automatically connected to Wi-Fi. Our phones only squeak for alerts, they don't provide a soundtrack for the future. The old dial up modem handshake though? Now that was real sound. That was like… » 11/07/13 7:13pm 11/07/13 7:13pm

What Different Languages Think Different Animals Sound Like

Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Ni Hao. We all say things differently because each language has their own words. Like, duh. But what about how different languages think animals sound? We're not exactly saying words as much as we are simply enunciating simple sounds and yet, different languages have their own take on each animal… » 7/10/13 8:30pm 7/10/13 8:30pm

This Incredible Soundboard Website Has Pretty Much Every Sound You'd…

I've found your new favorite website: It has pretty much every sound known to mankind. From TV show theme songs like Community and Buffy, to video games sounds like Super Mario Star. Hell it even has sounds for having an orgasm and your favorite memes. You will lose hours to this website and you will… » 1/30/13 9:00pm 1/30/13 9:00pm

A Modem Dial-Up Sound Slowed Down 700 Percent Is Pure Creepfest

The sound of waiting for your dial-up modem to connect probably induces enough nightmarish flashbacks as it is. But when you slow that same smattering of scratches and clangs down 700%, you get the soundtrack to the scariest part of every Wes Craven movie ever. » 6/28/11 5:20pm 6/28/11 5:20pm

This Creative Robot Paints What Cars Sound Like

Electric cars get a lot of attention, and some of it has focused on a seemingly insignificant detail: the sounds their engines make. Nils Voelker's little robot certainly doesn't think those sounds are insignificant—it turns them into art. » 6/05/10 6:30pm 6/05/10 6:30pm

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Caught on Video Edition

In today's Remainders: video! And in many cases, things caught on video for the first time, like Samsung's E6 and E101 ebook readers, Apple's $1 billion data center, Big Bloom's "miraculous" fuel cell, and a modern day Superman. » 2/22/10 4:22pm 2/22/10 4:22pm