The new THX intro sequence is like being inside a haunting monster

I still remember feeling like THX's iconic Deep Note sound vibrated inside my chest whenever I watched a movie in a theater. So I guess it's appropriate that the new, updated sequence gives me that same trembling sensation while also making it feel like I'm inside the body of some monster's eyeball. It sounds… »4/06/15 11:36pm4/06/15 11:36pm

Incredible music video shows how science experiments react to music

Sound makes funny shapes. We don't usually see it in real life but when you put together water and sand with speakers bumping at different frequencies, you'll start seeing spirals and kaleidoscopes and other wild objects. This new video by Nigel Stanford and directed by Shahir Daud features all those awesome cymatics… »11/12/14 10:02pm11/12/14 10:02pm

Watch the visualization of a tech sound your kids will never know

You know what's missing from technology these days? Sound. We have noises but no sound. We open our laptops and we're automatically connected to Wi-Fi. Our phones only squeak for alerts, they don't provide a soundtrack for the future. The old dial up modem handshake though? Now that was real sound. That was like… »11/07/13 7:13pm11/07/13 7:13pm

This Incredible Soundboard Website Has Pretty Much Every Sound You'd Ever Want to Hear

I've found your new favorite website: It has pretty much every sound known to mankind. From TV show theme songs like Community and Buffy, to video games sounds like Super Mario Star. Hell it even has sounds for having an orgasm and your favorite memes. You will lose hours to this website and you will… »1/30/13 9:00pm1/30/13 9:00pm