World Premiere: "Sweat On Me" by Flynt Flossy & Turquoise Jeep

Winter is coming. For much of the world, it's already cold, wet, and terrible out there. We need a legit dancehall banger to heat things up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and bodies on this Gizmodo-exclusive world premiere. It's "Sweat On Me," from Flynt Flossy and the crew at Turquoise Jeep Records. » 11/13/14 2:00pm 11/13/14 2:00pm

Daryl Hall featuring Chromeo: I Can't Go For That

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Daryl Hall and John Oates in concert. But when they performed what is probably my favorite Hall & Oates song, "I Can't Go For That," I wasn't digging their live arrangement. I realized it's because this version, recorded in Hall's garage, will probably be my… » 11/10/14 7:00pm 11/10/14 7:00pm

Celebrate Queen's Anniversary With Panic at the Disco's Sublime Cover

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Sheer Heart Attack, the album which, by most accounts, launched Queen to international tight-leather-clad stardom. But rather than watching a fur-covered Freddie Mercury doing his thing (excellent though that would be), here's Panic at the Disco's cover of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which… » 11/08/14 7:00pm 11/08/14 7:00pm