This video reveals the origin scenes of the Internet's most famous memes

Memes are so damn clever at capturing emotion and feeling that they're pretty much the clearest way to communicate on the Internet. Need to explain your disappointment in something? Throw up that facepalm. And though most pop culture junkies can figure out where most memes and image macros come from, this video shows… »4/07/14 9:38pm4/07/14 9:38pm

Biodegradable Source Toothbrush Saves The World One Head At A Time

In their quest to save our dying planet, ecologically concerned people are often forced to make sacrifices. If you're compelled to join them, you can start by getting rid of that fancy superstore toothbrush and replace it with the Source Toothbrush, an environmentally friendly hygienic tool constructed from wood… »7/06/07 9:27pm7/06/07 9:27pm

Archos Releases 604, 604 Wi-Fi Firmware Into to Open Source

Thanks to the fact that Archos used GPL and LGPL code in constructing their firmware for the Archos 604 and 604 Wi-Fi devices, they're forced to release just about the source code for said firmware into the public domain. What does this mean to the average Archos 604 user? Not a whole lot, at least right now. The code… »2/14/07 8:25pm2/14/07 8:25pm