China's Dredging In the South China Sea Created 2,900 Acres of New Islands

We’ve known for years that China’s military is spearheading one of the biggest land reclamation projects ever in the middle of the South China Sea. But a report from the Pentagon yesterday says that the project is far larger than previously thought: 2,900 acres of new land has been created—roughly tripling the size of… »8/21/15 1:10pm8/21/15 1:10pm

China Tries To Jam U.S. Global Hawks While Busy Developing Their Own

China has reportedly been trying to jam U.S. Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk flights flying over the increasingly volatile South China Sea. Meanwhile, they are busy perfecting their own High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) unmanned aircraft, with new pictures of a twin fuselage design emerging on the internet. »5/30/15 12:08am5/30/15 12:08am

China Is Turning a Remote Reef Into an Artificial Island With a Runway

A remote archipelago in the South China Sea has come under an extraordinary amount of scrutiny lately. Here, China is building up small reefs and atolls into whole artificial islands—all in hotly disputed territory. In the clearest sign yet of its military intentions, one of those islands now has an airstrip. »4/21/15 2:30pm4/21/15 2:30pm

How China Is Making Tiny Islands Inhabitable With Huge Floating Docks

The Spratly Islands are basically mounds of sand in the middle of the South China Sea, some of them barely tall enough to reach above the water. But China is hell-bent on making them inhabitable, even drawing up plans for floating energy and water plants. It has nothing to do with the islands themselves and everything… »10/31/14 2:45pm10/31/14 2:45pm

Why China's Building a Military Base in the Middle of the Ocean

After flying a surveillance plane over the South China Sea last February, the Philippine government saw how China was constructing islands in order to bolster its claim to the territory. (See above.) It even suspected that China might plan to build a military air strip to protect them. Looks like they were right. »9/10/14 10:39am9/10/14 10:39am

China Is Building Fake Islands to Bolster Its Claim to Disputed Waters

Pity the poor mapmaker assigned to the South China Sea. The hotly disputed waters in the Pacific are torn between competing claims from all the countries that surround it. China, especially, has been aggressive and sly. It's now dumping sand onto small reefs and shoals, building whole new islands to bolster its… »6/18/14 7:00pm6/18/14 7:00pm

China's Claiming Territory By Calling Dibs on 800-Year-Old Shipwrecks

As China continues its controversial claim-staking throughout Asia, a corner of the academic world is becoming an unlikely focal point in the dispute: Archaeology. More specifically, the thousands of shipwrecks that litter the South China Sea—which China is aggressively claiming as evidence to back up its right to… »12/02/13 10:51am12/02/13 10:51am