Photo of Crashed Southwest Plane Shows Majorly Mangled Landing Gear

So remember how officials were pretty sure that the Southwest Airlines 737 crash landing at La Guardia was caused by a problem with the landing gear? Well, guess what—there was a problem with the landing gear. And according to a tweet from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it was doozy. » 7/23/13 6:40pm 7/23/13 6:40pm

Severely Discounted Southwest Airfare Is Your…

Airplanes are one of the physically largest gadgets, and the international system of air travel is a technological marvel. Gizmodo loves aviation—we cover the misadventures of the TSA, the long-overdue introduction of good WiFi on flights, and the Air Force's bizarre social media habits. Most of us can't buy an… » 10/09/12 3:00pm 10/09/12 3:00pm

Southwest Taking In-Flight Wi-Fi Plunge This Spring

Southwest is one of the last major carriers to finally commit to in-flight Wi-Fi, but at least they're doing it right. According to a recent post on the Southwest blog, the airline is going to begin outfitting its planes with Row 44 Wi-Fi starting this spring, and will have the entire fleet connected by 2012. » 2/02/10 2:47pm 2/02/10 2:47pm

Southwest Airlines Testing Satellite Broadband Internet Access For Your…

According to their own press release, Southwest is going to be testing in-flight broadband satellite Wi-Fi access so you can check your mail and do all sorts of stuff (though probably not surf porn or talk to someone on Skype). They'll start testing on four planes this summer, with a wider rollout to come whenever… » 1/23/08 12:54pm 1/23/08 12:54pm