Spray-On Soy Sauce Ensures Your Sushi Isn't Soaked In Salt

Did you know there's a proper way to eat sushi that doesn't involve completely soaking the rice in soy sauce? You're only supposed to dip the fish, which can be tricky if you're not skilled with a set of chopsticks. So Hukuman, a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer, is now packaging the salty brown side in tiny spray… »11/18/14 3:33pm11/18/14 3:33pm

The Story Behind the Iconic Soy Sauce Bottle That Hasn't Changed in Over 50 Years

You probably take it for granted while dining on sushi or dumplings, but that iconic Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser has been in production since 1961. And as the New York Times' Leslie Camhi discovered, it was actually developed by Kenji Ekuan, a Japanese Navy sailor former naval academy student who dedicated his life… »6/16/12 7:00pm6/16/12 7:00pm

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Goes Beep Beep At Your Sodium Intake

Someone in Japan must love little trash can robots as much as nerds in the US do, because they've made an R2-D2 soy sauce bottle. Just load up the can with soy sauce (the liquid kind, not the semi-liquid kind) and pour it out through R2's opening into your food for maximum Star Wars flavor. They've even got a black… »11/13/07 2:35pm11/13/07 2:35pm