The First Time NASA Docked with a Soviet Spacecraft in Orbit

Two spacecraft drifted closer to one another far above planet Earth, as they prepared to dock. It was July 17th, 1975, and they were about to make history. For the first time, a United States Apollo and Soviet Union Soyuz spacecraft would dock with one another, an enormously symbolic mission that served as a small… »Saturday 1:30pm11/21/15 1:30pm


In Kazakhstan, the Soyuz TMA-18M Spacecraft Awaits Its Journey to the Stars

Here’s a low-angle look at the Russian Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft, vertical on the launch pad in the Russian-leased Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The rocket will blast off on Wednesday carrying astronauts from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Denmark to the International Space Station. »8/31/15 11:09pm8/31/15 11:09pm

Dammit, Congress: Just Buy NASA its Own Space Taxi, Already

Ever since the shuttle program ended, NASA has been paying Russia to ferry U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. But the price-per-seat aboard Russia’s spacecraft has gotten ridiculous. The solution is clear and cost-effective: The US needs its own space taxis. So why won’t Congress pay for it? »8/22/15 1:56pm8/22/15 1:56pm

This video of a Soyuz flight to the ISS is simply outstanding

This is so cool. Stitched together from both old and new clips of Soyuz launch footage over the years, this video shows what a Soyuz flight from Earth to the International Space Station looks like. And it’s absolutely incredible. You get to see the launch, approach and how it docks to the ISS from multiple angles. »8/07/15 11:47am8/07/15 11:47am

How SpaceX Dragon V2 dramatically changes space travel in one image

The amazing new SpaceX Dragon V2 spaceship will be able to soft-land anywhere on Earth using rockets and retractile legs with the same accuracy as any aircraft. You can click here know all about it or just look at this image. When Elon Musk says "it lands like a 21st century spaceship should land" he's right. »5/30/14 12:41pm5/30/14 12:41pm

Here's your daily dose of mysterious steel structures direct from Kazakhstan.

Here's your daily dose of mysterious steel structures direct from Kazakhstan. NASA's chief photographer, Bill Ingalls, got up early yesterday to capture this stunning sunrise scene at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. You can see the empty Soyuz launch pad with its support booms and trusses wide open, shortly before the Soyuz… »3/24/14 12:58pm3/24/14 12:58pm

Astronauts took a Soyuz for a little fly around the ISS, Gravity-style

In a planned mission, three ISS crew members took their Soyuz out for a ride around the ISS. Why? Did they want to show Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity how it's really done? Not exactly. Instead, it's actually the astronaut equivalent of moving your car out of a parking space so your roommate can park his. Only… »11/01/13 9:18pm11/01/13 9:18pm