Office for Mac 2008 Service Pack 1 Out Today; Visual Basic Coming Back to Macs

Today Microsoft is hooking up all Office for Mac 2008 users with Service Pack 1. The company is also announcing the return of Visual Basic for Applications—in the next version, though, so no specified date yet. Hey, at least they heard your concerns, right? Here's a link to the SP1 download, which is said to provide… »5/13/08 8:25am

Windows Vista SP1 Update: Endless Restart Bug Fixed, Automatic Rollout Starts Next Week

As people who've already made (or attempted) the jump to Vista SP1 know, before you get to the actual service pack, you've gotta clear a gauntlet of pre-install updates, which started rolling out in Feb. One of the updates apparently sent some users into an endless spiral of reboots, so Microsoft hit pause on the… »4/07/08 2:32pm

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Looking Good So Far, Due in Q1 '08

The first service pack for Windows Vista is on its way, and PC Magazine has a preview of an early private beta version. The good news is that reviewer Neil Randall found the service pack to be faster overall than the shipping version of Windows Vista, and also noticed more drivers available and improved encryption.… »10/08/07 12:05pm