Photos Emerge of Emirates A380 Showers: Tiny, But Luxurious

See that happy-looking lady in the pic? She's standing in an Emirates A380 in-flight shower room, details of which have emerged after we first alerted you to this airborne luxury. The "shower spas" are pretty decently kitted-out, and the aircraft carries an extra 1,100-pounds of water to allow every one of the 14… » 7/30/08 7:44am 7/30/08 7:44am

Aquafit Gymnasium-Spa Hybrid is Watery, Ironic

Apparently, sitting at your chair all day while blogging about gadgets is not supposed to be so good for your health. That's where Dimension One Spas' Aquafit 19 Dual Temp comes in. The $40,000 gymnasium/spa allows users to have a full, underwater cardiovascular workout by using the included rower, tricep pull-down and … » 2/09/08 6:45pm 2/09/08 6:45pm