We Is Here! Relive The Last Moon Mission In Its Entirety

If you are fond of the Apollo project, then you'll love this site Ben Feist has been building for years—which is now online in its very early alpha stage. Apollo17.org is a highly addictive, interactive, real-time exploration of the entire Apollo 17 Mission, based upon official NASA footage and the transcription of… » 3/25/15 4:40pm Wednesday 4:40pm

50 Years Ago, NASA Astronauts Smuggled a Corned Beef Sandwich Into Space

On March 23, 1965, astronaut John Young reached into his pocket and offered his crewmate Gus Grissom a corned beef sandwich. It was in the middle of the Gemini 3 mission, and let's be clear, they were in space. It was a silly little prank but one that, man, really pissed off Congress. » 3/25/15 11:50am Wednesday 11:50am