Here's a Leaked 'Space Gray' Version of the Next Full-Sized iPad

We've already seen a possible 'Space Gray' version of the upcoming iPad Mini 2 floating around and now it's time for the big brother version to get covered in gray steel too. » 9/24/13 10:29pm 9/24/13 10:29pm

Leaked iPad Mini 2 Casing Shows a Possible 'Space Gray' Version

So with the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced a new 'Space Gray' color that is its new black. Not in that tired fashionista way where trends are considered the new black but in a completely literal way in that Apple is calling its black 'Space Gray'. So maybe it's not surprising that a supposedly leaked iPad Mini 2 casing… » 9/20/13 8:17pm 9/20/13 8:17pm