The Space Heater That Will Keep Your House Warm and Stylish This Winter

Dyson's space heater looks awesome, is said to perform up to expectations and doubles as a fan during the summer. But know what? That thing also costs $400. When the snow hits this winter, we want a space heater that don't have to hide in a closet, but also won't drive our bank accounts into the red. Hopefully the Anna … » 9/24/12 1:50pm 9/24/12 1:50pm

Daily Desired: Is this a Space Heater or an iPod Dock?

Everdure's beautiful little box doesn't play music, but it sure looks like it could. In fact, the design more than an iPod dock, the E Cubo reminds me of Sony's old Digicube "Dream Machine" alarm clocks from the 1980s. But alas, it's built to heat your frigid room. » 1/20/12 10:00pm 1/20/12 10:00pm